Change Management

How we can help

Most change strategies don't produce the expected returns as organisations don't follow up the structural changes with initiatives to change the culture or processes and they underestimate the impact of the changes on the people who are retained. Strategic HR are able to assist with the development and implementation of effective change strategies to create real differences in the way people work.

Our Focus



Working with you to clearly define what needs to change in the way your staff work to support your new strategy or mode of operation.


Developing strategies to align current and future employee behaviour with what is required in the future - which could include initiatives such as:

  • Working with you to deliver consultation and communication strategies to get understanding and buy-in to the changes from staff and employee representatives.
  • Defining and aligning manager's behaviour to support the new required way of working.
  • Aligning people management systems to support the new requirements - e.g. recruitment, induction, development and performance management systems.


  • Providing an appraisal of the best strategies in terms of moving the culture - through organisational development or restructuring.
  • Running internal recruitment exercises where new roles have been created.
  • Providing development plans to assist retained employees to change their approach to meet the new requirements.
  • Providing support and activities to rebuild the culture for those retained to move ahead quickly to productivity.
  • Sourcing support for those leaving to exit with dignity.

Case Studies

A government department wanted to change the focus on their business which required a different way of working from their managers. We worked with them to define competencies that would underpin success for the future. We designed an assessment centre process which included a coaching role play, team exercise as well as an in-tray and personality and ability tests. Current employees went through the process. Positions not filled by internal candidates were recruited externally. External applicants went through the same process as internals. Results from the assessment centre were also used to create development plans for the successful applicants.

A large electronics manufacturer wanted to change the types of products manufactured which required a different approach from staff and managers. To achieve this they needed to raise the quality of the production through having teams that were more engaged in the process and process improvement. Although the CEO had a clear vision of how he wanted the teams to work this was not captured in a way that would be used in recruitment and development. Using several job analysis techniques we were able to capture the specific changes to the way the teams would work and what team leaders would need to support these. This was fed through into a Assessment Centre to select front line and team leader positions and into a selection systems for use in future external recruitment exercises.

A department of an SOE was not delivering the returns required. We supported the CEO in delivering presentations outlining the problem to all the staff and to begin the consultation process. This involved a two day workshop on potential solutions. A proposed structure was then taken back to the staff for consultation. We worked through submissions and notified staff of whether their position was affected or not and recruitment processes to fill affected positions. Outplacement providers were sourced to assist staff leaving the business.