Five things top CEOs are giving up this year

In a recent article on Fast Company, 11 CEOs shared what they’d like to give up for 2019. Here’s a potted version of what they said. Maybe you can see yourself in some of them.

  1. Stop multitasking. Forget your laptop at meetings, be present and listen to the person talking to you rather than concentrating on your typing. Turn your phone to silent and turn notifications off during your down time.
  2. Sleep better by keeping your bedroom phone free. Blue light and a busy brain is not conducive to a restful night’s sleep.
  3. Be conscious of spreading yourself too thin and letting someone down because of it. Realise you too have an energy limit. Saying no can be as important as saying yes.
  4. Take continual stock of positive developments and wins. Yes, look at what went wrong, but what went right? Celebrate them with your team.

Discuss with your team what areas they would like to work on for the future, what habits they’d like to drop and see how you can help them achieve it. But don’t forget yourself. If major CEOs see these as a problem, maybe you should too.

From Markhams