John Eatwell made a Fellow of the New Zealand Psychological Society

The Executive of the New Zealand Psychological Society approved the recommendation of the Membership and Status Committee to confer upon John Eatwell, Fellowship of the NZPsS. Congratulations.  The Committee noted the following in relation to his nomination:

The Membership and Status Committee  noted John’s considerable commitment to supporting the Society over several decades. John easily meets the criteria for nomination, and more. In particular the committee noted that John would have been nominated earlier, had he not been a member of the Executive.

John has been engaged in psychological work for more than the minimum seven years and made substantial contributions to psychology. For example John established the Institute of Organisational Psychology which enabled a distinct professional identity to develop. John has also written several articles and chapters that have been critical to how organisational psychology is taught and practised. Additionally, John has contributed his time and expertise to developing the work of others through mentoring and supervision. In summary, we are pleased to recommend John for fellowship to the Society and look forward to his ongoing involvement.