By Prof. Sebastian Reiche,  Professor of Managing People in Organizations at IESE Business School

Sebastian Reiche, IESE professor and expert in managing virtual teams

Management expert Sebastian Reiche, professor at IESE Business School

As companies continue to expand globally, the number of people working in teams with colleagues and managers separated from them by many miles (and often different time zones), is growing.  This virtual team strategy has many advantages, but it presents its own set of managerial challenges; working online is less formalized, and companies frequently lack clear policies on how to manage virtually.

Here are 10 tips for managers to get the most out of their virtual teams:

Tip 1:  Be available

It can be isolating working virtually. Don’t make team members feel you are absent; be in regular contact to talk not just about their day-to-day duties, but beyond that to general queries about their day, mood and social life.

Tip 2: Organize regular meetings with both individuals and the whole team