Public Leaders Coach Course – 16 and 17 February 2021

We are passionate about coaching and see it as the fundamental leadership tool. Implementing coaching has proven positive impacts on transfer of learning from training, increases in productivity, reduction of stress and burnout, increases in development culture and focus on goals and engagement.

We see coaching as being delivered by leaders through a:

  • time-tabled event monthly where progress against individual objectives and development plans can be reviewed and people coached to raise their performance – either to extend themselves beyond their expected level of performance or through putting remedial actions in place to assist them in achieving their goals.
  • practice of managers responding to problems they witness, or as they are raised by their staff, on a day to day basis which assists the staff member solve the problem and build their skills (and ensures the manager doesn’t take on the problem themselves) – the ‘coachable moments’.

We also use key elements of Positive Leadership in our approach – focusing leaders on coaching all staff (not just the problem ones) on all their objectives (not just the ones where they are not achieving) to increase buy in to the coaching actions, maximize the positive impact on performance, and provide a mechanism for ongoing recognition of staff’s good performance

This two day module covers how to coach with Positive Leadership tools:

  • Why Coach, when – when staff come to you with a problem and in regular programmed sessions. What to coach on – what’s going well as well as what is not going well, business objectives, development plans and long term career goals.
  • LEADERS core skills of coaching – (Listen actively, Establish trust, Ask open questions, Dream of what could be, Empathise, manage the Ratio of positive to negative communications, and focus on Strengths )
  • Using COACH to structure the conversation – (Clarify the situation, expectations or goals, identify Options, Agree on the way forward, Create SMART objectives, identify Help needed and remove roadblocks)
  • Feedback in coaching – making the most of recognition and delivering difficult feedback
  • Action planning on how are they going to implement coaching?

Coaching cue cards and an app help with the implementation of skills learned. We also follow up with each participant after one month to support them further in the implementation of coaching.

The Venue is the George Hotel and the Costs are $1,295 plus GST.