Thomas Matthews

Tom specialises in the field of positive psychology. Tom’s background includes having completed masters degrees in solution focused counselling, education and postgraduate business leadership. He has spent the last decade studying the field of positive psychology and its applications to individual and organisational change and leadership which has created a solid platform of techniques and experiences to draw on for the coaching work he does. Tom Lecturers on leadership at the University of Canterbury. As a lecturer, counsellor, and facilitator, Tom focuses on practical, scientific interventions that enhance wellbeing and resilience, which ultimately open the pathways toward increased human functioning.

After qualifying as a clinical supervisor 7 years ago he has coached clients including coaches, counsellors, educationalists and organisation leaders.

In the last four years his coaching has been incorporated with the lecturing he does at the Universities of Otago and Canterbury, where the courses we design and teach on leadership are supported by ongoing coaching and mentoring programs. These courses and coaching sessions included NZ Police, NZ Fire Service, NGOs, and South Island community leaders.