How we can help

trategic HR is at the heart of defining what your people need to be doing differently to achieve your strategic objectives, putting systems and processes in to achieve those changes, supporting your leadership team in making the changes they need to and in monitoring progress to demonstrate value to your business.

Our Focus



Helping you define what your strategy or brand means in terms of what needs to change in terms of the way your staff work - the key competencies that underpin your strategy.


Encouraging the new required behaviours through:

  • engagement
  • recognition and reward
  • culture change
  • aligning leadership to support the new behaviours
  • development
  • performance management system


Aligning the acquisition and retention of talent with the new requirements - recruitment and selection systems, succession planning and talent management.


Managing change processes.


Removing impediments

  • poor performance management
  • aligning employment arrangements

Case Studies

Working with a Government Department who were going through a restructure. It quickly became apparent that the team did not have a common understanding of how the strategy would change the way people worked or what it would mean for the customer. I worked through several job analysis techniques with the General Manager to identify how he expected staff to deal with key aspects of their job after the new strategy was implemented. We then could identify what managers needed to do to support the front line staff and therefore what criteria should be included in selection and development. All managers had to reapply for roles and external recruitment was undertaken to fill remaining vacancies.

Working with an SOE on the culture management. They achieved a general improvement and were reviewing the need to keep pushing forward. We reviewed what organisational culture they would need to underpin their strategy going forward. This was defined, a strategy put in place and implemented. Progress against the strategy was measured yearly through the staff survey and the success of the model proven through correlating culture change progress with hard business outcomes - sick leave and process failure reductions, increases in innovation and customer satisfaction.

Working with a large manufacturer who wanted to move the business from producing low to high value components. To achieve this they needed to raise the quality of the production through having teams that were more engaged in the process and process improvement. Although he had a clear vision of how he wanted the teams to work this was not captured in a way that would be used in recruitment and development. Using several job analysis techniques we were able to capture the specific changes and what team leaders would need to support these. This was feed through into restructuring of front line and team leader position and into future external recruitment processes.