Strategic Engagement

We have had great feedback about the effectiveness of a performance improvement framework designed by Andrea:

Linking it with the appraisal has been a good for time management of the process … All team members are confident and excited about the process… I have been surprised at how everyone has responded so enthusiastically – even those I thought would be a tough sell.

It has been a good opportunity to talk about behavior expectations in a way of pre-empting future issues and ensuring we are all on the same page as a team.

Through creating the information, we identified some areas and ways we can share knowledge better.

Some highlights for me have been people identifying things they need to work on … A few people have spotted things they didn’t realize they were missing out on, as well as highlighting those areas they excel in. Some real growth opportunities have been identified from the conversations, which has linked in well to the goal setting in the appraisal process.